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Dear Visitor,

Thank you for visiting myuniquewallets.com - your online destination for passport wallets, magic wallets, coupon wallets, exotic wallets, travel wallets, and many more unique wallets!  Your wallet is with you throughout your day more than any other item you own, so it is important to choose the right one.  If you think about it, your wallet spends more time with you than any single article of clothing.  Only your cell phone in these days rivals the time we spend with our wallets!

So the right wallet is essential for everyone today.  And just as every person is unique, we think that every person should have a unique wallet then.   The style wallet that you carry with you says a lot about who you are and what is important to you.  If you are an international traveler for business you will have a nice pocket passport wallet.  If you have a pretty coupon wallet you might be a thrifty mom taking care of her family.  Someone who is traveling as a sightseer would have a security passport wallet or travel wallet.  Unique wallets like the magic wallet show up for people who enjoy the simple creativity of the idea.  We believe you don't have to sacrifice style for function, so be sure to check out all of our different materials, colors and designs.

We work hard to serve our customers, and we believe myuniquewallets offers a superb shopping experience for great wallets. Our desire is to bring you the best selection of unique wallets on the internet, while offering a top of the line user experience. You will find our navigation easy to use and a simple checkout system.

Myuniquewallets offers the best and newest brands of wallets, and allows you to compare products all in once place. No more searching through tons of websites to find a good gift. You'll be able to find them all right here and make the best choice for yourself or for a gift. We are also extremely proud to announce our new line of Asky Magic Wallets.  Magic wallets are becoming more and more popular.  They are stylish, practical and creative.

We hope you find a wallet that is as unique as you are!  Welcome to our store! Check back often because we are constantly adding new products.



Rick and Amy Scherr

Owners & Managing Directors

Scherrgroup, LLC

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Times have changed.  Of course, we could talk for hours about these changes that have occured over centuries  but we will leave that to our history teachers.  However, even our somewhat recent past has vast differences from todays world.  In fact, these differences would make it nearly impossible for my grandfather who passed away in 1973 to [...]
posted October 07th, 2010
The digital wallets are on!  Bling Nation, a company that offers a payment service, designed specifically for local and community financial institutions, has reinvented the wallet through mobile phones.  Of course, this is available at their headquarters home in Palo Alto, California and the Stanford University Campus.  Hundreds of businesses in the community are using the tap-and-pay point-of-sale [...]
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I am not sure how much time most people put into purchasing a wallet.  In fact, I believe that in many cases people put very little effort into selecting the right wallet for them.  As Americans, we put great emphasis on outward appearances.  The clothes we buy, the shoes we wear, homes we build and the lawns [...]
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